Money Rules to Follow to Become Rich

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moneyBecoming rich is a process that takes time and requires resilience, hard work and financial disciplines. I can attest to this statement based on humbling beginnings at Based on studies from wealth generating behaviors from billionaires, there are key traits we can draw.  You can become extremely rich even when you don’t necessarily earn a huge income, ad here is how.

Commit to Extreme Wealth

Many people would like to be rich but they have not committed to extreme wealth generating habits. To get to extreme wealth, you must commit your time and effort to get there. This means you must have a clear sense of money, and this comes through prioritizing activities that give you the highest return on investment. On low priority activities, try as much as possible to delegate.


Live Below your means

Profile from rich people show that they live below their means. This means such people live on less than they earn. You can test your limits by minimizing your spending to the lowest possible levels and only commit your finances to things that matter. By balancing and leveraging your income, you will learn exactly how much you need to be comfortable on your life. To live below your means, you need to stop impressing others. You need to have the believe that being financially secure is more than looking like you are wealthy.


Draw up your budget

You will not be able to achieve any substantial wealth if you cannot account your money. The best way to count your money is by having a plan, a budget. You need to have a budget and stick to it every week. Additionally, put your money into a savings account, one that encourages you to save regularly. Any amount you want to save must be budgeted.


Avoid Debts

DebtOne way to become financially independent is to avoid getting into debt. This means you won’t pay interest needlessly. If you have assets, you must manage them professionally. You can consult your financial planner to ensure that your savings are invested in the right places. Additionally, you must protect your income streams as well as property.



The power of networking can go a great level towards ensuring you keep ahead of the pack. You need to connect for profits and results. You need to maintain a small but deep network of worth relationships that are not only based on friendship, but also based on power and influence. Networking can help in maximizing time and effort spent towards realizing profits and working on things that help on growing your business connections.


Learn and Improve

One of the best things you can do with your money is self-improvement. This means you are the biggest assets and you have to invest in yourself. Enroll for a financial class or consider reading many books that can shape your knowledge on various aspects of life. Use failure as an opportunity to improve and refocus, and because failure is inevitable, you need to use it to your advantage. You also need to stay highly centered. This means you must be genuinely focused on what you want to achieve, and pursue it no matter what upsets come your way.









































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