Manufacturing of Adsorbent Solutions


  • We have the capability to deal with a wide range of tailor-made products from small to large volume applications.
  • We are able to handle your requests requiring hand assembly as well as fully automated serial production.
  • In house design, prototyping and industrial testing facilities allow full lifecycle development.
  • International manufacturing capabilities in the USA, Hungary, and China enable us to offer you just-in-time delivery, saving the costs of additional warehouse capacity.
  • Throughout the preparation and manufacturing process, we listen to the specific needs of our customers carefully so that the results are satisfactory for all parties.
  • Strategic relationships with our raw material supplier-partners ensure product availability and quality.


At Flow Dry Filtration Group we have been supplying gaskets and adsorbent/desiccant products since the 1940s and we have developed wide expertise and engineering experience working with many absorbent, desiccant materials. As well as developing our own materials we have also partnered with a number of reliable suppliers to provide the best in class moisture management products, including silica and molecular sieve desiccant bags, strip bags, integrated filters, etc.

White pills out of a bottle, conceptual image


We have an extensive range of desiccant solutions including our well known SorbaTech® Silica Gel Bags range. We also make a number of other products including High Temperature Gaskets and automotive plugs & filters.


With all our adsorbent bag products we know that sometimes you may need something a little bit more special. For example:

  • Different desiccant materials have different properties
  • Different desiccant bag materials have different capabilities

We also provide a range of integrated solutions where adsorbent materials can be integrated into things like lids, caps, and together with gaskets, produce multi-functional products like pill bottle lids with built in gasket and adsorbent molecular sieve or silica gel desiccant for the pharmaceutical industry.

To provide these custom desiccant bag solutions we also provide a custom desiccant bag product design and manufacturing service giving you access to years of experience of putting together the right materials to solve your sealing, drying and protecting needs.

Automotive Solutions

Desiccant solutions that solve complex moisture problems in the automotive industry


Desiccants for pharmaceutical applications

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