How to Start a Private Jet Charter Business

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Private Jets

If you love to fly, having a charter business may seem to be a great way to make extra money off your passion. An air charter business facilitates flights from and to airports that may not be served by the major airline. Air charters are generally scheduled by government officials, corporations and all other travelers who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars more than what standard tickets cost.

A charter flight may have other additions such as drinks, food, aerial tours and access to other business equipment. You should aim at making your charter business have a good reputation from the onset by offering competitive rates, highly qualified staff and also very comfortable planes.

Getting Started

An air charter service doesn’t begin or end when passengers board a plane. It involves much more. To get started, start by deciding the size of Charter Company you are willing to establish. Will you be operating a single aircraft and flying it locally, or are you going to establish a fleet and flying them globally?

Once you have made your decision, you need to do more research and come up with a business plan. A plan for an aircraft charter company must include primary and essential elements such as sales forecast, forecasts about cash flow, projected profits and other reasonable stats. Next, you have to register your company as a legal entity.


Charters jets draw customers who want to have the flexibility and convenience of flying on their schedule and not that of an airline. As a startup, your flexibility will be limited if you have only one plane that has a limited range and speed. To compete with other established charters, offer the best services you can afford.

You may start your business by targeting routes that are underserved by major airlines or other charters. Have an unambiguous communication with your customers and spell out what you will be billing them. You can also learn about the different executive airports that are available as destinations.

Note that you do not have to rely entirely on your advertising efforts. If you offer excellent services to your clients, the chances are that they are well networked and will draw their friends through word of mouth. There is no better way of getting loyal clients than through referrals. Running a charter plane will come with its challenges. Top of the line is the high costs required be it through inspections, insurance, parking among others.

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