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How to Start a Private Jet Charter Business

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Private Jets

If you love to fly, having a charter business may seem to be a great way to make extra money off your passion. An air charter business facilitates flights from and to airports that may not be served by the major airline. Air charters are generally scheduled by government officials, corporations and all other travelers who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars more than what standard tickets cost.

A charter flight may have other additions such as drinks, food, aerial tours and access to other business equipment. You should aim at making your charter business have a good reputation from the onset by offering competitive rates, highly qualified staff and also very comfortable planes.

Getting Started

An air charter service doesn’t begin or end when passengers board a plane. It involves much more. To get started, start by deciding the size of Charter Company you are willing to establish. Will you be operating a single aircraft and flying it locally, or are you going to establish a fleet and flying them globally?

Once you have made your decision, you need to do more research and come up with a business plan. A plan for an aircraft charter company must include primary and essential elements such as sales forecast, forecasts about cash flow, projected profits and other reasonable stats. Next, you have to register your company as a legal entity.


Charters jets draw customers who want to have the flexibility and convenience of flying on their schedule and not that of an airline. As a startup, your flexibility will be limited if you have only one plane that has a limited range and speed. To compete with other established charters, offer the best services you can afford.

You may start your business by targeting routes that are underserved by major airlines or other charters. Have an unambiguous communication with your customers and spell out what you will be billing them. You can also learn about the different executive airports that are available as destinations.

Note that you do not have to rely entirely on your advertising efforts. If you offer excellent services to your clients, the chances are that they are well networked and will draw their friends through word of mouth. There is no better way of getting loyal clients than through referrals. Running a charter plane will come with its challenges. Top of the line is the high costs required be it through inspections, insurance, parking among others.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Private Jet

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private jetPrivate jets are considered to be high life. With a private plane, you can get wherever you want whenever you want to arrive there in style. The main difference between flying a private plane and flying a commercial is that with a commercial flight, you’re paying for a seat while with a private plane, you own all the seats. Private jets have so many advantages. These jets are available, and ready to use to provide you with all the pleasure you need along the way.

Buying your private jet signifies and significant milestone and achievement. If you are involved in too many important business meetings, and you can own a jet, why not buy it for convenience? But before you go to the depths of buying a jet, here are some essential factors you need to consider before making a purchase.


Bigger may not always be better due to a couple of reasons. However, the preference of your size is entirely up to you, depending on where your most frequent destination will be. If you want to land on somewhat smaller regional airports that are just close to your destination, acquire a jet that can handle all your travel needs. Consider the range, which defines how far you will be regularly traveling.

Get an Expert Advice

Buying a private jet is a considerable investment, and you certainly don’t want to regret after making a purchase. There are many aspects of the buying process that may go wrong, and you don’t want to commit to something that you will regret in the future. A way of making your craft purchase easier is to seek advice from buying consultants and able management companies. These guys can help you source an aircraft that is up to your standards and needs without making bad buying decisions.

Cost Factors

Private jets vary a lot regarding price, and this depends on the type of aircraft you choose. These prices have a range in the tunes of a million. However, you will fly a lot to justify the cost. Aviation experts advise that you will need to fly between 350 and 400 hours per year to make purchasing of private jet a good investment. If you are flying less than these hours, you may the find the cost of purchasing of a private to be quite high.

Factor in Test Drive

Just like the way you would not buy a car without a test drive, the same applies to purchase a plane. The ideal thing here is to ensure that you are investing in a product you are happy with and that you are comfortable with your future flights. Some manufacturers may organize some demo flights for you to help you make better and more informed decisions before making a purchase.

When purchasing a plane, factor in all the hidden costs. Buying a plane alone is not enough, there are other costs involved. These include insurance, catering, fuel, pilots and other ongoing costs. You can equally hire the services on an expert aircraft management companies who can take care of all these said aspects.

Tips for Booking the Cheapest Flight

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cheap flightsWhen trying to book the cheapest flight for any destination, most of us have experienced the tiresome and repeated searching that in some cases do not yield any useful results. Airfare can be one of the most significant expenses of your trip. When airfare becomes expensive, it means you have to choose a more affordable destination or spend less money and resources on your vacation.  If the idea of booking cheap flights interests you, then here are some simple tips to use.

Book Early for Cheap Flights

Did you know that flight tickets jump in price precisely towards the final three weeks of departure? One of the easiest ways to ensure that you get the lowest price is to book as early as possible. You will be able to secure the best flight deals if you book as soon as three months to your flight. Another reason to book early is to ensure that you get the seat that pleases you most.


Keep Search Top Secret

Anything that is worthy of help should start by helping you first before spreading to others. When searching for flights using your gadget, always ensure that no cooking interference might give you misleading information. Always search for flights when your device is incognito or just a private browsing mode so that you can see the lowest prices.


Use Flight Search Engines

When booking flights, ensure that you use search engines to get the best deals. First, note that search engines inflate costs so that they can get a cut out of what you are going to pay. For this reason, ensure that you use the best search engines out there that gives you the cheapest deals. If you need to book a flight, use search engines such as Skyscanner, airfare watchdog, momondo, kiwi, cheapoair, airwander, JetRadar, Google Flights among others. When you get your favorite search engine, you may consider installing its app for real-time notifications.


Identify the Cheapest Day to Fly

Flight fare will not be the same on all days of the week. There is ever a debate that flight fare will always be the cheapest on a Tuesday. In most cases, it will still be more reasonable to fly on a weekday as compared to a weekend. During the weekend, many people usually are flying hence the reason for higher flight fare. Again, make use of the search engines we have mentioned above as they will come in handy to ensure you get the best deals.


Be Flexible

Another cool way to save on your flight charges is to have a flexible travel plan. You can find cheapest flights during a weekday and also during holidays because fewer people travel during these days. In addition to flexibility, consider connecting plans if this option presents a saving plan for you. If you are not in a hurry to get to your final destination, booking a connecting flight can be a cheaper option as compared to flying with a nonstop one.